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Moderation: Dr. Melinda Crane

Monday, 1 February 2016

9:00-9:15Welcome, Urs Eppenberger (SWITCH)
9:15-10:00Key Note Speaker Hannes Grassegger
10:00-11:00  Panel Surveillance on the Internet: How Much, Why, and is it Any of Our Business?
Hannes Grassegger (journalist)
Balthasar Glättli (Member of the National Council, Green Party Switzerland)
Thomas Hansjakob (First State Prosecutor, Canton of St.Gallen)
Walter Hediger (asut)
Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger
(former Federal Minister of Justice, FDP Germany)
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-12:15The .swiss TLD, Philipp Metzger and Stéphane Bondallaz (Federal Office of Communications OFCOM)
13:45-14:45Key Note Speaker Mikko Hyppönen
14:45-15:45Panel: Keeping the Domain Ecosystem Clean: Who are the Stakeholders?
Christian Grasser
Vincent Hinderer (CERT LEXSI)
Adrian Koster (MELANI)
Carel van Straten, (Spamhaus)
15:45-16:15Coffee break
16:15-16:40Safer Internet: Keeping .ch Safe and Sound, Serge Droz (SWITCH)
16:40-17:10Extreme BYOD: Protecting End Users Far Outside of Our Control, Florian Schütz (Postfinance)
18:00Social Event

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

9:00-10:00   Registries in the Arena: The technical heads and CEOs of the registries DENIC, and  SWITCH answer questions from the audience.
(Technical heads: Marcos Sanz Grossón, Klaus Darilion, Marcel Parodi; CEOs: Jörg Schweiger, Richard Wein, Urs Eppenberger)
10:00-10:05Short break
10:05-10:15Internet Governance: an Overview
Wolfgang Kleinwächter, University of Aarhus
10:15-11:20Panel: The Internet Governance Macrocosm
Carl Gahnberg (ISOC)
Janis Karklins (Chair of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group)
Alexander Klimburg (Harvard University)
William Drake (University of Zürich)
Josie Brocca (OECD Policy Adviser)
11:50-12:50Panel: The Internet Governance Microcosm
Chris Buckridge (RIPE NCC)
Jörg Schweiger (DENIC eG)
Thomas Rickert (eco eV, Co-Chair CCWG Accountability ICANN)
12:50-13:10Wrap-up and Handover (Urs Eppenberger, SWITCH; Richard Wein,
13:10-14:30Lunch, End of the Conference

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